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About me


Orna Genislav have more than 30 years of experience as a teacher of the Alexander Technique (TA), and with more than 25 years as a therapist in biodynamic craniosacral. She works in Spanish as well as in English.


“Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is being renowned, more and more, as one of the natural therapies more powerful, since it pierces deeply the central nervous system, releasing stress patterns and long-term traumas.
Underlying to a deep and genuine nature of working, it is a therapeutic and philosophical perspective that, in many senses, complements the Alexander Technique.
Both experiences take the responsibility for undoing habitual body patterns occasioned by the accumulated tension, and to restore the natural body alignment.

Both these practices work holistically on the person instead of focusing on the symptoms, searching for a higher level of psycho-physical integration; it has to do with the “not-to-do” concept. Both experiences require that the teacher/therapist has sensitive skills of listening and to be completely present in the body patterns of the student/patient to make the changes occur.”


Orna Genislav: Background and Experience

Alexander Technique

Orna has got her degree in Alexander Technique in 1989 in Shmuel Nelken School of Jerusalem. She is a disciple of Shmuel Nelken, which, in turn, was a pupil of F.M. Alexander, the founder himself of the Technique. Besides, Orna also followed some classes by both Patrick MacDonald and W. Carrington, two of the most internationally recognised teachers in Alexander Technique.

ALikewise, she studied a specialized course, imparted by Ilana Machover, of this technique addressed to pregnant women.

Orna has worked as a teacher of the Alexander Teacher, both at a public and at a private level, working with adolescents, as well as with adults and elderly people.

Orna has collaborated with the Departments of Traumatology from several hospitals, either in the prevention area or in the physical therapy of serious cases like slipped disc, cervical, chronic pains, etcetera.

She has as well worked as an Alexander Technique teacher in several artistic areas: to theatre schools, to singers, musicians, dancers, and with professional athletes.

Orna Gesnislav is a member of the Association of Teachers of the Alexander Technique ISTAT, and of the Association of Teachers of the Alexander Technique APTAE.

Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy

Orna has a degree on Biodynamic Craniosacral in 1995 by the Craniosacral and Polarity Association of Canada.She has 16 years of experience working with this technique, treating either adults and babies. Orna has a broad experience in birth traumas, accidents, emotional and post-war traumas, in post-surgery recovery, and bones relocations, among some other diseases.

Other Training in Body Therapies

1988: Course in Indian Acupressure, School of Ayurveda, Bangalor, India.

1993: Degree in Gin Shin Do Acopressure, Redman College, Tel Aviv, Israel.

1994: Degree in Extrasense, Redman College, Tel Aviv, Israel